East Palo Alto legends

I'm still a mid 90's gangsta rap junkie. Love the shit. Especially, yay area music. I was in the California Youth Authority with dudes from Oakland, Frisco, Vallejo, Richmond and they had my back. For some reason, Crips, Aryan Youth and Peckerwoods didnt like me. Hmmmm. BPS Blood neighborhood residing/afro punk gangster that I was. Go figure.
I loved my bay homies, cos they didnt gangbang. Sure, they were just as gangster as South Central's most infamous but as Spice 1 said, "niggas gettin' they caps peeled over colored rags" just didnt sit well with this Just. Especially since I lost friends to its nonsense. Youre like a walking target in "colors". The bay had more polish.

East Palo Alto, a little murder zone in the south bay area (near San Jose)gave birth to the group Totally Insane. Tight "mob music", classic bay area material. My old homie Tuey, a diesel ass Tongan was from E.P.A and he told me stories of allll the drama that goes down in such a small but known bay area town. And how deep Tongans and Samoans are there. You look close, youll catch quite a few in the video. Su whoop.

The homie Dru Down. Wow. His shirley temple curls are GANGSTER. What ya think? Should I grow some. SIKE. I miss the bay area though, maybe I should visit my bruv, he stays up there. Im being mad nostalgic today.

Ahhh, RBL Posse! I need to find this albulm again. Hunter's Point S.F.C's finest.

More news to come...

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