Blackouts bring out the good.

So I don't have much to say lately.
Actually, I DO but this black out is where it's at right now. It's crippling like turning 31 and realizing that gone are the days of G.I. Joes and TMNT pies(Ya dun know).
Today though, we are taking a walk down memory lane for an old friend of many, enemy of none, Damon Day.
In this walk through the Short North(Leaving Milk Bar at 6, be there!) and downtown, i'm going to reflect on how life can be so short that you close your eyes too long, and it's gone or it may last an eternity filled with monotonous deeds and actions and you OPEN your eyes one day and realize you did JACK SHIT WITH YOUR LIFE. Real talk, the good die young. Rest in Power Damon, Nate, 'Mu, Jeffrey(Luv you bruva),Blayne. You are greatly missed.

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