Blackouts bring out the good.

So I don't have much to say lately.
Actually, I DO but this black out is where it's at right now. It's crippling like turning 31 and realizing that gone are the days of G.I. Joes and TMNT pies(Ya dun know).
Today though, we are taking a walk down memory lane for an old friend of many, enemy of none, Damon Day.
In this walk through the Short North(Leaving Milk Bar at 6, be there!) and downtown, i'm going to reflect on how life can be so short that you close your eyes too long, and it's gone or it may last an eternity filled with monotonous deeds and actions and you OPEN your eyes one day and realize you did JACK SHIT WITH YOUR LIFE. Real talk, the good die young. Rest in Power Damon, Nate, 'Mu, Jeffrey(Luv you bruva),Blayne. You are greatly missed.


You better recognize.

Yessir, Chris Crocker. Get 'em.


Beta Movement's latest mix

The homies have a new one. Get it here...


East Palo Alto legends

I'm still a mid 90's gangsta rap junkie. Love the shit. Especially, yay area music. I was in the California Youth Authority with dudes from Oakland, Frisco, Vallejo, Richmond and they had my back. For some reason, Crips, Aryan Youth and Peckerwoods didnt like me. Hmmmm. BPS Blood neighborhood residing/afro punk gangster that I was. Go figure.
I loved my bay homies, cos they didnt gangbang. Sure, they were just as gangster as South Central's most infamous but as Spice 1 said, "niggas gettin' they caps peeled over colored rags" just didnt sit well with this Just. Especially since I lost friends to its nonsense. Youre like a walking target in "colors". The bay had more polish.

East Palo Alto, a little murder zone in the south bay area (near San Jose)gave birth to the group Totally Insane. Tight "mob music", classic bay area material. My old homie Tuey, a diesel ass Tongan was from E.P.A and he told me stories of allll the drama that goes down in such a small but known bay area town. And how deep Tongans and Samoans are there. You look close, youll catch quite a few in the video. Su whoop.

The homie Dru Down. Wow. His shirley temple curls are GANGSTER. What ya think? Should I grow some. SIKE. I miss the bay area though, maybe I should visit my bruv, he stays up there. Im being mad nostalgic today.

Ahhh, RBL Posse! I need to find this albulm again. Hunter's Point S.F.C's finest.

More news to come...

Watch my arms, w-w-atch my arms...


Lost Boys

Last night was good times. Weather wasn't looking like it was going to be in our favor but with a cutout cardboard box draped over the projector, the screen was set up and we watched Lost Boys without a hitch.
Ive seen this movie loads of times but never with this many good people. It was like being at a drive through in the 50's with all your friends...except, I couldn't BE at a drive through in the 50's with all my friends. Jokes.
The reoccurring joke was how raspy Corey Feldmans voice was. And THIS guy...

Can't wait till next week. I believe I know what it is. I'll keep ya posted. PROPER.

Fell in love with a girl...

...her name is Kazumi. Whistle while she twurks

U Min

Remember the poppers in Missy's "ching a ling" video. With the nasty slow motion glides? Found some old content. PROPER.


Found this, watch it, the dance form "tutting" at it's best. So good, it MIGHT make you nauseous because dude gets reeeeally nimbly bimbly.


Get it big dude...

I wish I was HERE

The Specials are my favourite band of alllllll time. And "skinhead moonstomp" is a classic song. Check out the lead singer Terry Hall regulating on the bouncers, big monkey man dem.


A cyberpunk turntablist's wet dream comes true...

I wasnt aware of these at all. They are interesting. What is more interesting is the people stating the obvious pros and cons of touch screen turntables on the Vimeo site.

My favourite comment,"i love it, a billion more dj's means a billion more parties, and the rest of the world dancing, and oh my friends i hope i never get to believe that's a bad thing to happen."-Vicente Martinez
Amen bruva!

Final Technology // User Testing from Scott Hobbs on Vimeo.


Pro homo

Came across the movie Bells Are Ringing on Turner Classic. Dean Martin and Judy Holliday still amaze me. Saw this wiv me Lola Titay(Grandma Margarita Mabini)when I was a likkle bit.

It was either musicals, Chicago Cubs games or James Bond flicks(Roger Moore was my fav, I admit. Mr. Connery is my Grandmas, we watched em all)at our house. You try being raised by two 4 foot 10 filipinas and see if it's anything else.

I loved it, and I miss both of you. These two songs are so uplifting they make me want to SERIOUSLY quit smoking(not drunk smoking anymore), start running and go down to the hood and look up old friends that still remember This Just In...

Surfs up dude!

The homie Tone Tank has done it again with this King Of Surf Guitar e.p. Bumped it as soon as a woke up, hungover from bday celebrations(Thanks fellas!)and I have to say, it's my new favourite shite.

And when I say he's done it again, I am implying that he already did it BEFORE. With the Black Six Sessions e.p.(Peep the cover, classic Black Flag refix), a dope little BANGER full of hardcore punk rock snippets and samples. Nevermind the bollocks, Tone Tank is here.

Check his page out, you can find both e.p.'s there or just grab 'em below. PROPER.

King of Surf Guitar...Rap
Black Six Sessions e.p.


In tears

Nick Swardson cracks me up. And this is my favorite scene in Grandmas Boy. Puts me in tears literally.

I got to thinking of a few other "tear jerking" scenes.

Here are a couple. Starting with "the bog of eternal stench" in Labyrinth. It had me and my little bruvs rolling on the floor(Childish? SHUT IT, I have a 4 year old, I hope she falls in love wiv this movie). PROPER.


Another childhood fav. Watching Steve Martin go off. Fuck.

You are EXTREMELY missed Mr. Bernie Mac. I teared up in two ways watching this...

...and ESPECIALLY this. Words to REALLY live by.

Get a GRIP

The best blog with the most content in Columbus, by far, is The Grip. Creator Steve Lieb is in the know like no one else I know, real talk. Him and his friends go hard in the paint in everything they do and manage to pull it all off quite effortlessly, making them my favorite people to see out at a party and on the other hand, just watch a good and cheesy movie with(Thursdays at Grimers is my new new thing thing).

My blog is upgrading daily and in no small part, I owe it's evolution to the Grip. Here are some pics from last weeks Get Right party. And there are loads more over at The Grip.'SPECT.

Steve Lieb(Kilt Em!) and Miss (Untouchable) Rochelle


Dat new new

At the VMA's, Cleveland rep Kid Cudi performed his summer anthem "Day and Night" joined by DJ AM and Travis Barker. MADNESS.
It got cut from the predominantly LAMENESS of the awards show(Britney, HOW did you win awards? Payola.)but I found the clip at The Grip. Kilt em.
And to me,it will be the first time the O-H-I-O has had a heavy rep performing since Bone Thugs And Harmony(Sorry, Bow Wow/Shad Moss, you don't count). Im geeked. Thats the homie. I started this blog out of my love for all things fresh in the "heart of it all" and he is the truth. A LOT of people hated on him (And some, still do) for coming from the left field but he's gonna bubble. Grammy's in his future. Get it big Man on the Moon, one day, you'll cop some "moon men" yourself. PROPER.

Jungle ball

Real talk, the "fouler" plays like dudes I knew at the Indian Mound Rec Center(Still open?). I found this funny. And Nick Swardson cracks me up. Do it.
The Fouler




And I went APESHIT when Aoki dropped The Refused in his NUTTY set. Add that to the 2 hours I was going apeshit and you get the drift.

I can almost recall track for track how his set carried us through the night. And so many of my friends can vouch that we SERIOUSLY held the floor the entire time. I think I left ONE time(and thats rare 'cos I love bopping around) and that was only to hunt down a bottled water. Goosebumps. More news at 10.

NEWSFLASH. This Just In... Below are pics I snatched from my dear friend Rochelle and The Grip. The flash on my camera is dunzo so it's time to cop a new one. So... i wanted to describe the Steve Aoki night at Sugar Bar in detail but I cannot fathom the words. It was EPIC. We danced, we yelled, we made new friends, protected old ones and held our ground like Billy The Kid and his posse at the end of Young Guns(Thursday movie request!). So, on that note, i'll let the pics tell a QUARTER of the story, the rest, well that's for us to know and you to find out. PROPER.

Thank you Steve Aoki, thank you.

The crew... Love all of youse....

I look like im playing the blues. Garret is throwin' up the Beta gang.

Mad love for this girl here. She provided these pics actually.

Me and K.Beezy always win on the 'floor

Anime eyes

Vampire Franzy. Limited edition.

Rich guy laughs. Mehehe.

Ahhh, gang signs...

Gang relations

There were some REAL flamers in the building.

Linen pants? WORD

Guess we like stripes yeah?

Ever so lovely Rochelle and the man, the myth the legend Steve "Kilt Em!" Lieb

The homie Darius!

Ben in the back giving the crrrrazy eye


Dave Espionage was feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling it.


Kelley B was feelin' it!

Hey kids, Big Ben, Parliament...

Rochelle was on Steve Aoki. Literally.

Stage antics

Aoki was helping people get on stage. 'spect.

sweatin' it out

Perry Boy forever

WARNING: I almost laid this dude out. Perv. He was just trying to stand balls deep behind my friends. I got pissed and yelled at him. No habla ingles. Buster.

Slam was stunned by the AWESOMENESS

Cockblock the savage hawk. caw caw!




Well, you get the drift....

Hey kids, Big Ben, Parliament...