Let's go dutch...

THUNDERDOME 09. Masters of Hardcore 09. Dominator 09. ANY huge hardcore event. Whose with me?
Guilty pleasure? Nah, I am a gabber fan str8 up and down. Hardcore is offensive. And offending people can come in handy sometimes. Experiment: Crank Angerfist in your car as you drive through the 'jects. Doors open mang.

"Gabbers" rock Fred Perry, Lonsdale, Air Max 91s and shave their heads. Loves it. Raver skinheads. Awhile ago, neo nazi boneheads tried to attach themselves to gabber and throw white supremacist raves(YES) in order to expand their "brand". Didnt quite work. Hardcore enthusiasts lashed back with tracks and parties promoting anti racists beliefs. Geah.

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