I know what you did last Friday.

You were PROBABLY at Sweatin', now conveniently located at High 5...

With O.G. Scotty Cockblock (sounds as good as O.G. Bobby Johnson yeah?)

Throwin' gang signs like Garrett

Being seen in mean Vomitrocity tee(Say THAT 3x's fast)

Clutchin' a tall can like Myles

Posted like Doja and Bruni

Cheesin' like Katie

Zoning out like this guy

Mean muggin' like Otis...

...or like Big Mike and Drewski...

...OR like O.G. Scotty Cockblock.

Gettin' faded like an out of focus pic and gettin' brain like me

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Anonymous said...

Killer photos. Just put you on the blogroll. See you this weekend I'm sure (Get Right x Steve Aoki).