Gimme some o' that ol' moonstompin'...

If these only came in steel toe id give you wankers an official old school boot party in NEON. Moonstomping raver that I am. Guess I can get 'em made/painted myself eh?
That's right kiddies,lacing my boots back up this Fall. NOT chopping off me hair though, that symbolism is over as I believe these are my last years of having a hairline. Heh. Years from now, i'll "skin it up", by default.
Right now though im loving my hair. Only time I have EVER had longer hair was when I was a likkle yout, I had hi tops and even the Kwame joint with the dyed part(YES). And of course in jail I let it grow out.
Boots are essential to me though. There is not a pair of limited, laser etched, individually autographed Air Max Force Dunk Pump Jordans in the WORLD that could fuck with OG 8 eye oxblood Doc Martens. Fuck outta here.
The boot must come back cos im still in the struggle, still a warrior out here in this concrete jungle.

If you are a fellow admirer of Docs, GMDC is an easy way to get some OG, made in England DMs. Cheers.

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