"Do work!"

...is what this little brat(MTV is strong in this one...hmmm) kept yelling at a Laser tag(!)match up in Cleveland as him and the other meddlin' kids assassinated more than our characters(R.I.Power my lasers, Me, Rob Bell, Sarah T, Blaire Bomb, Laurel, Mike D, Korie, Tatiana...)but it was all in fun (Sunday Funday!), let's do it again.

Cleveland's B Side Lounge hosted Low B and it was OFF THE MEAT RACK. Mr. Bradley P threw down once again and made shite happen when it was lookin' bleak. For serious, the night started off sloooooooooooooooooooow and then a secret party switch Bradley P keeps hidden for just these exact moments was flipped and suddenly sweat was being flung, drinks were being drunk, beings were getting drunk and flinging other beings. Get me?
It was a riot. CLE DJ K Nyce got bodies moving before Low B and it didnt stop until the lights came on(The night was JUST beginning for me though, thanks to a lost phone and a BMW that couldnt drive itself crosstown. Luh you Miss Nikebook lo's:), Even though I DESTROYED a dope shirt I had wiv my endless stream off energy drinks, vodka und ze dancing. PROPER.
Me, Brian B and Rudy Bukkake(both of NEON VIOLENCE infamy) have some pics floating 'round, they'll be up within a couple days.)

Huge ups K Nyce, Howler Monkey and Jude Goergen. Let's "do work", I guess.

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