Breakin em off somethin proper for the nine-fo'

Damn, I miss the early 90's..

I was in So. Cal with my HOMIES. West L.A.(Baldwin Village, Culver City, Venice, Santa Monica BRUVA!), Bakersfield, Antelope Valley(Palmdale and Lancaster,geah!), Hawthorne,Compton(Aunt Johnny's house off in Tree Top Piru for the family reunions)Pasadena. 213/310/805 baby.
Going to MASSIVE desert raves, warehouse parties in the valley, tagbangin'(Ha), MOBBIN' down alleys after school, crossing out weak ass crews and waitin' for the drama that entails. Rockin' D.M's and Sk8 Hi's(FUCT, BLIND, EARTH, FRESH JIVE, PENDLETONS, DICKIES...Fuck yeah), S.T. hats, and creasin' my dickies and t shirts! Oh and ALWAYS mashing W.A.R and all other boneheads on sight! East Side White Pride and SWP kids in Bako/Lancas got it too. Big up all my Trad skins, SHARPs,RASH, S.T., Peace Punx, Posers(Black skin gang, BOSS!), Black P Stone, Rollin 20s(Blood),Venice 13,Florencia 13, Mara Salvatrucha homies..., Half my friends are dead or in jail cos of bangin' and shite and I spent my own fair amount of time dodging bullets and jail bids(I JUST look like THIS;). Smile now, cry later was the m.o. I'm way beyond tears now though..
And I wouldnt trade it for the world. No regrets. I miss California bad right now. Maybe i'll wander back that way sooner then later... Chill in Venice with my homies. Look people up. Reminisce.


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