21 Maroon Colony attacks your eardrums at midnight. PROPER.

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"in celebration of our 1 week anniversary of being back in action I've decided to do something nice.
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I'm not going to say by who tho.. just that we all really dig these two artists and that you will too. Gonna get your work week started out right with these for sure.

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I know what you did last Friday.

You were PROBABLY at Sweatin', now conveniently located at High 5...

With O.G. Scotty Cockblock (sounds as good as O.G. Bobby Johnson yeah?)

Throwin' gang signs like Garrett

Being seen in mean Vomitrocity tee(Say THAT 3x's fast)

Clutchin' a tall can like Myles

Posted like Doja and Bruni

Cheesin' like Katie

Zoning out like this guy

Mean muggin' like Otis...

...or like Big Mike and Drewski...

...OR like O.G. Scotty Cockblock.

Gettin' faded like an out of focus pic and gettin' brain like me


Roxy Cottontail X Hellz Bellz. Braaaapp.

My homegirl Roxy has done it again. Not only is she one of NYC's top promoters she is gettin' it big with the lovely ladies from Hellz Bellz. This mixtape is so Roxy Cottontail you can smell her nail polish. Get familiar.

Hellz Bellz Presents...

Jungle Is Massive!


Suicidal for life

The Suicide Girls of Cbus are mobbin' Havana tonight and my homeskillet/homeslice Moxy is providing the tunes so I am in like Errol Flynn. Cheap drinks, gay bar atmosphere and gorgeous girls covered in tattoos. Cant lose.

The Suicide girls phenom got me thinking on my own childhood relationship with suicide. Through the swagger of big bad S.T... Suicidal Tendencies. A punk rock gang among others that swirled around in the very same cesspool I grew up in, L.A. County(2 Tone/Trojan skins salute dem. L.A.D.S-Hollywood and South Side clicks/Peace Punx/Posers/O.C. Skins/S.H.A.R.P/FFF/W.A.R/Pen1/Stoner13...Fuck MOST of you though, especially you boneheads and 'wood gangs) . Yeah, ya dun know. My childhood was gangbangin'tastic, even the punx had gangs.
S.T. took an extra inch and just cholo'd the fuck out. Blue flannels with just the top buttoned up, creased dickies, HOUSE SHOES. Loved em. I had ese homies from various clicas growin' up, my first crush even, was on a girl a couple years older than me from South Central's Florencia 13. Cholo art and L.A. 'bangin' handstyles are really where it's at VATO and Sui did it real big. Wish i had one of their "placas" tees on right now. My homie Billy D Parker(Santa Monica O.G. S.T.) is doing a doc on L.A. punk gangs and I hope he'll let me be the narrator. PROPER.

And another highlight in suicide history, 1 800 Suicide from The Gravediggaz. I was 17, banged out in high school, on interstate juvy parole and had a 22 year old girlfriend when it came out. Had that fuckin' c.d. on HEAVY rotation! Redman's Dare Iz A Darkside, THUG LIFE, Damu Ridas and the first Bangin On Wax got major play too. Su whoop.
"Pledge your allegiance! Suicidal, suicidal, suicidal.." "Suicide, it's your suicide...."(anyone sense a mash up of ungodly proportions?!)*wiv a bunch of Suicide Girls in the ungodly video. PROPER.



Ext. Plantation. Day.

"My name aint Toby, BITCH. It's Kunta Kinte."

Kunta/Toby raises the Gatling gun and begins to decimate the fleeing slaveowners.

(Excerpt from Roots 2015:The Reckoning)

Cut my hair off the other day (so what I said in the last post about GROWING my hair is utterly irrelevant, ha)and it feels gooood. Number 2, razor sharp edge up. Might get a part cut in this weekend.

I have ALOT of tings I want to drop on your melons but im too beat to do it now. Working in 8 hours. Soon come.


Gimme some o' that ol' moonstompin'...

If these only came in steel toe id give you wankers an official old school boot party in NEON. Moonstomping raver that I am. Guess I can get 'em made/painted myself eh?
That's right kiddies,lacing my boots back up this Fall. NOT chopping off me hair though, that symbolism is over as I believe these are my last years of having a hairline. Heh. Years from now, i'll "skin it up", by default.
Right now though im loving my hair. Only time I have EVER had longer hair was when I was a likkle yout, I had hi tops and even the Kwame joint with the dyed part(YES). And of course in jail I let it grow out.
Boots are essential to me though. There is not a pair of limited, laser etched, individually autographed Air Max Force Dunk Pump Jordans in the WORLD that could fuck with OG 8 eye oxblood Doc Martens. Fuck outta here.
The boot must come back cos im still in the struggle, still a warrior out here in this concrete jungle.

If you are a fellow admirer of Docs, GMDC is an easy way to get some OG, made in England DMs. Cheers.


Am I sweatin again?

Fuck yes.

Brown Bear Picnic

This is old as shit but it's still worth a viddy if you are not used to the grime genre. To me, one of the most narsty emcees in the British(until I drop my very own SHITE!) genre. BEARMAN. Proper.


no take back chat

A likkle 'stomper I like from a North London(Tottenham) emcee by the name of Double S



DISCLAIMER: I went to this with debauchery in mind... There are no documented images of the ultraviolence that kicked off.
Sike! All the sweatin ya can stomach is over at:
The Grip

Scotty Cockblock, you are good at giving us a quickie.(Last minute venue switch. Yahtzee!)
Beta Movement tore open Sweatin virgins little soft audio holes.
While guest selector Dave Espionage was tossin out multiple eargasms.

Fun times, fun times...

Str8 outta the Afro Triangle...

This is my favourite line OUT right now and prolly for a long time. From the far left field comes 21 Maroon Colony to reinvigorate the modern pan-african sensibilities. These garms are for anyone with revoution in their hearts, their blood, their SWAGGER! Ya dunnnnn know.

HUGE UPS to 21 Maroon Colony. Check their garms out and look into the back story of this movement.

'Space acct: myspace.com/21MCduds


"Do work!"

...is what this little brat(MTV is strong in this one...hmmm) kept yelling at a Laser tag(!)match up in Cleveland as him and the other meddlin' kids assassinated more than our characters(R.I.Power my lasers, Me, Rob Bell, Sarah T, Blaire Bomb, Laurel, Mike D, Korie, Tatiana...)but it was all in fun (Sunday Funday!), let's do it again.

Cleveland's B Side Lounge hosted Low B and it was OFF THE MEAT RACK. Mr. Bradley P threw down once again and made shite happen when it was lookin' bleak. For serious, the night started off sloooooooooooooooooooow and then a secret party switch Bradley P keeps hidden for just these exact moments was flipped and suddenly sweat was being flung, drinks were being drunk, beings were getting drunk and flinging other beings. Get me?
It was a riot. CLE DJ K Nyce got bodies moving before Low B and it didnt stop until the lights came on(The night was JUST beginning for me though, thanks to a lost phone and a BMW that couldnt drive itself crosstown. Luh you Miss Nikebook lo's:), Even though I DESTROYED a dope shirt I had wiv my endless stream off energy drinks, vodka und ze dancing. PROPER.
Me, Brian B and Rudy Bukkake(both of NEON VIOLENCE infamy) have some pics floating 'round, they'll be up within a couple days.)

Huge ups K Nyce, Howler Monkey and Jude Goergen. Let's "do work", I guess.


Runnin shit...

Now why would you use your Parkour skills to leave work to go home and watch the BBC?
Rob banks nickuh.
Crime doesnt pay. Most of the times...

Shit, now im thinking of the rooftop jumping in "Juice".
6:38 in to the clip.:)

THEN, I got to remembering how ill Bishop's hi top fade (with the slope!!!)was.
Fuck parkour, barber, cut my hair...


Kano x Shy Fx "Original Nuttah"

Awwwwwwww damn.
One of my FAVOURITE ol' junglist tunes and prolly my favourite UKG/Grime(wot u call it?) MC, together. Like guns and ammo. BRAP.

Rudie Advanced Design...


"Found on Sneaker Freaker"


If ya dun know about this banger maker Toddla T, coming staright outta Sheffield, get use to him. He's not going anywhere soon with the choonz he's dropping. The ghettoblaster mixtape is not new new, yet 5 will get ya 10 it still murders anything you are listening to right now. PROPER.

Get Ghettoblaster HERE. brrrrrrap

Raggamuffin hip hop. ya dun know.

Anyone remember Mad Lion's "my nine" tune? EEW. murderation.

Or the remix to "Jump spread out"? I think Salaam Remi did it? Ah well. I'll finds it, my prrrrrecious...

Nine wasnt raggamuffin but come ON. Gah! Someone play THIS for me this weekend and i'll start a pit. BOH!


Let's go dutch...

THUNDERDOME 09. Masters of Hardcore 09. Dominator 09. ANY huge hardcore event. Whose with me?
Guilty pleasure? Nah, I am a gabber fan str8 up and down. Hardcore is offensive. And offending people can come in handy sometimes. Experiment: Crank Angerfist in your car as you drive through the 'jects. Doors open mang.

"Gabbers" rock Fred Perry, Lonsdale, Air Max 91s and shave their heads. Loves it. Raver skinheads. Awhile ago, neo nazi boneheads tried to attach themselves to gabber and throw white supremacist raves(YES) in order to expand their "brand". Didnt quite work. Hardcore enthusiasts lashed back with tracks and parties promoting anti racists beliefs. Geah.


Last night was GET RIIIIGHT...

Oi, I take some drunken arse pics, but 'ere ya go ...

Dude in the fitted was HIGHFUCKINGLARIOUS...

Dont call him CJ the DJ, let's DEAD that people...

Who has flyer nuts than THIS devilishly handsome GUY?

I have more pics floating around, ill post em soon. Cheers.
8/6/08 And herrre they go...

Winos AND their Hudson Ave/Bottoms/Hilltop gangsta nephews got right TOO.

Does your chain hang low Kelley B?

Most people got it on the floor at July's Get Right...

I said most...;)