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URB's Freshest Reader

Posted Thursday, July 24, 2008 @ 01:02 in Style by Jolie Nguyen

We're speeding things up a bit and givin' you our Freshest Reader a day earlier this week. Why? Because we just wanted to. So, with that said, this week we came up on Justin Ian Cunningham. Well... he technically entered last week, but since he wasn't chosen, he came back at us. Good thing too because this boy has style! From sneakers to docs and The Clash to Biggie, Justin's style is influenced by his younger days in the So Cal 'sk8 or die' movement circa '88 and his current role as a promoter.

1) Name: Justin Ian Cunningham bka That Rude Boy This Just In!
2) Age: 30
3) Location: Columbus, Ohio
4) Occupation: Promoter
5) Favorite item of clothing when you were little: Black Bart Simpson Tee from the Crenshaw-Slauson Swap Meet. No lie.
6) Most overrated thing in fashion right now: I call them terrorist scarfs..
7) When you go shopping, you usually look for: The skinniest jeans. Fred Perry. Ben Sherman. super skinny braces. Hard to find Reebok Classics. Any cheap hats I can "flip", suicidal tendencies style. Anything with "Just Do It" on it, cos I do, indeed, do it. Oi band tees(Cocksparrer, Argy Bargy, The Buisness, 4Skins). Doc Marten Ox Blood 8 eye steeltoes.

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