DJ Tameil speaks his mind...

I grabbed this from a bulletin DJ Tameil had posted about K Swift(r.i.power) FUNERAL pictures being leaked online?! Kinda morbid there peoples. SHEESH.

"Yo... I'm not gonna put anybody on blast... but I have been looking around on myspace and ran into pages where people had actually took pictures of K-Swift in her casket/coffin and have put the pictures on the internet. As a fan & friend of K-Swift I am disgusted with that and have to say THAT IS JUST DAMN DISRESPECTFUL!!!!! You call yourself a true K-Swift fan but you are actually exploiting her and it is Disrespectful to K-Swift, her family & her true fans also.

Showing pics of anything else like the long line of people at the funeral and such is cool. But u dont walk up supposedly paying respects and take a picture of the woman and put it on the internet! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

If you know anybody who has these pics up please urge them to take them down!!!!!!


Khia "Dj K-Swift" Edgerton"


Matthew said...

Word up... how sad it was to hear about K-Swift, and now this. That shit is not right, let her RIP.

I was reading on the Mad Decent blog that K-Swift was the only DJ in recent history to make Diplo nervous before going on.... PROPS!

P.S. You might wanna double check this post title, ruudboiy, DJ Tameil is not a girl and this should be evident by his repetitive song tag that states "itsayaman-itsyaman-itsyaman-DJTAMEIL," but I have a feeling you know this is as well. ;)

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